Countdown to WAM Fest & Scorcher Fest

I have two gigs next weekend playing all original songs. First up is the W​​AMFEST regional showcase in the Tivoli Theatre in Merredin next Saturday 28th @ 5 pm. I am really looking forward to playing at this event as its the first WAM event I have got to play at. I am delighted to be on the bill. I will be doing a 40 minute set at this gig

On Sunday 29th October I am playing at SCORCHER FESTFest in Badlands Bar in Perth on the 29th @ 6 pm. This is my first Perth gig once again playing a 35minute set of all original songs. I am really looking forward to this there will be 40 acts over the course of the day playing on three stages.


​​Get your tickets for Scorcher Fest here

I have been practising the last few weeks and I have some new songs, never before playing in public lined up. Still fine tuning some of the newer ones, I have written them as full band songs with drums, bass and guitars but can only play them next weekend on my own. It's looking like I will use my trusty SR16 drum machine and of course my loop pedal to get a fuller sound. The drum beats aren't, of course, the same as recorded but they still give the songs a beat.

I am really looking forward to hittings the stages at both these events. I am on first in Merredin so I am not too worried about that one. There's only a 5-minute change over between acts at Scorcher Fest which will be fun.

Because of the short changeover, I went to Bunnings today and got a few bits of wood and velcro to make a pedal board. It actually turned out fairly alright. I will use it next week and see how it goes. I also spent a bit of time sorting my set out and using my tablet so I can drop my music stand or use it for my drum machine.

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