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I am dedicating the song to the innocent people of Gaza, Ukraine and all the people in other war zones around the world. I hope and pray there will be peace soon.


I intend to donate all profits from Bandcamp sales and iTunes downloads to the UNICEF Children of Gaza appeal.

Angels - Cover -1500 x 1500.png

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You can buy Sullies music directly from Bandcamp, iTunes and from Music for World Peace Records. Remember one purchase is worth 1000 streams. Please support independent music.

Bandcamp links below.

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Tears Album &
Male T Shirt Bundle 
Tears -  Album
Tears - Ladies T Shirt Bundle.png
Tears Album &
Female T Shirt Bundle 
Tears Album
Bombs Rain Down - Cover.png
Yesterday - Cover-3000p.png
Stand Up Stand Tall - Cover 1500Px.png
Voyage - 500x500px.png
Say Goodbye.png
Shine 500x500.png
Pieces of Me.png
Tears of the Goddess.png
Twisted Ideology.png
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Yesterday T Shirt.png
Bombs Rain Down -T Shirt.png
Say Goodbye - T Shirt.png
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