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So in order to get me and my music out, I finally registered for a domain name signed up for hosting and started building a website. I had done a website many years ago for one of my old bands, it was pretty crap, but I have an idea of what to do. So off I went, registered and paid for my Domain name, Nice thanks, Go Daddy! and only $15.98 for two years! Fantastic

Now I had been messing around with a website in WIX just haven't published it yet and didn't look at Wix before I jumped headlong into the next step. I googled hosting in Australia and following some reviews signed up with the best guys recommended in a few reviews.

All good until I go linking my Domain name and find they have WordPress and other things for doing websites but no WIX... Suger!!

So I have a look at WordPress and to be honest I don't like the template I see, they look as boring as bat poop. So I spend another while messing around with my WIX website, I have to say WIX is pretty idiot proof and has loads of great features. I vaguely remember hours spent wrestling with HTML code in the late 90's, yes it was a horror story.

So now I decide I want to host my domain on WIX, no problem but they want money too oops. Yes, I am a poor starving musician so off I go back to the other hosting guy's fiddle around for a while before I find the online chat. Chat with the guy, yes they can host WIX sites and he sends me a link to how to convert my site. Holy mother of ... complete and utter techno gibberish to me, so I ask him real nice can I get a refund if I cancel my hosting account and because I only have it a few days bingo!! yes, I can.... Wix, here I come, Ok this is on Wix and will not be published until I get all properly signed up but hey..this DIY musician stuff is fun (sometimes).

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