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It was a busy last weekend. We set off Saturday morning and hit Merredin around 3, plenty of time for setting up and sound check. Thanks to Ben for the sound and the guys from the Primary Collective, I was supposed to use one of the guys amp but didn't notice my electric had been plugged out of it after my sound check!

I used facebook live for the set which was great and got loads of view, more than was at the gig. The guys watching were able to tell me how many people were online!! It was great fun. Jethro from The Eastern Line also took a better quality video than my iphone which he sent to me and I have put up on you tube. Here's the full set.

Scorcher Fest at Badlands Bar on the 29th was great fun. There were loads of great acts, I only managed to see a handful, quite a lot of people were done up in Halloween gear, some great outfits. I also did facebook live but hadn't time to set my phone up properly so it was sideways. It was quite funny seeing my phone ring from the stage from a friend to tell me to turn it around knowing that no one else could see it!! Thats rock and roll in 2017 for you!

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