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Sullies’ songs are about leaving, love, loss, and broken hearts with a twist of protest, environmental issues and calls for social justice.

Sullie is a singer-songwriter who plays across multiple genres, ranging from sensitive folk acoustic ballads to punk rock songs and all points in between.



Angels at The Bottom of The Street – Song Story


I wrote the song early in 2022 when the War in Ukraine had started. The Russians had marched into Ukraine and were clearing Ukrainian villages. In the initial stages of the war, the civilians initially didn’t have time to evacuate, and several massacres were being reported. Children being forcibly taken to Russia were also reported.


The song was a reaction to the horror of war on innocent civilian populations. In the initial stages of the Ukraine war, there were regular indiscriminate bombing and missile strikes on major population areas.


I first performed it back in May 2022 at the Southern Sydney Folk Club and it has been performed at Sullie gigs and festivals since as well as sessions around Sydney.


Since October 7th 2023 the song has taken on new meaning with the conflict in Israel and Gazza. The genocide that Israel is committing in Gaza cannot be justified in any way and the slaughter of innocent civilians has got to stop.


The last song I released Bombs Rain Down was first written back in 2015 when Israel was bombarding Gazza. I was never totally happy with it and the Ukraine war inspired me to write the last verse and finish the song. One of the lines in that song used a biblical reference and described how Israel’s retaliations are always excessive. “An eye for an eye but I think I’ll take five.” It now seems it should have been 35 as the ratio of Palestinian dead to those from Israel killed on October 7th is now around 35:1.


I am using some images taken by a photographer from Gaza, Honsy Salah. I was able to contact him on messenger recently and he and his family are still alive but are now living on the street as their house has been destroyed by bombs.


I am dedicating the song to the innocent people of Gaza, Ukraine and all the people in other war zones around the world. I hope and pray there will be peace soon.


I intend to donate all profits from Bandcamp sales and iTunes downloads to the UNICEF Children of Gaza appeal.

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