Sullies’ songs are about leaving, love, loss, and broken hearts with a twist of protest, environmental issues and calls for social justice.

Sullie is a singer-songwriter who plays across multiple genres, ranging from sensitive folk acoustic ballads to punk rock songs and all points in between.




  Yesterday - Release date 11 March 2022

Yesterday is an indie ballad, with a chill, romantic vibe but with a twist of sadness and melancholy. The song describes the feelings and confusion from the perspective of a person whose lover has just left them. Inspired by a lovely phrase Mary my mother-in-law used to say, “she holds all of her children in the palm of her hand”. The line you hold my heart in the palm of your hand is a direct transposition of that to a metaphor for the power of love between two people and how fragile it can be especially during a breakup.

The song was written a few years ago and recorded in my studio in Co Mayo using an old PC based version of Logic. It was never released so this is its first outing into the world. It features Mary Henry on backing vocals and possibly Michael Roache on bass, not 100% sure as it has been lost in the mists of time.

Over the last few months, during the COVID lockdowns I remixed and mastered the song in my Sydney studio and finally, here it is ready for release.

Yesterday - Cover-3000p.png